Moshi Fm Limited

Moshi FM is registered as Moshi FM Limited with Certificate of Incorporation No.59595 of 2007. The station commenced its broadcasting activities in 2007.


Moshi Fm studios are located at Key’s Annex, Mbokomu Road in Moshi municipal, Kilimanjaro region(Link to our Location/map)


Radio Moshi FM Ltd envisions becoming one of the leading broadcasting companies in Northern zone regions.


To provide listeners with intellectually-driven programs within a context that allows an outlet for the healthy exchange of opinions, as well as the committed cultivation of listeners’ tastes.


Moshi Fm Radio covers the whole region of Kilimanjaro and parts of Arusha, Manyara and Tanga regions with a population of not less than 8,000,000. The station has a very strong signal of transmission whereby we reach both urban and remote areas.

Our History

The Moshi Fm Radio is one of the giant radio stations in the northern zone. It is now celebrating its 13th year of informing, educating and entertaining the society and playing a vital and influential part in the daily life of its listeners.

Future Focus

Moshi FM started as a District level radio station. In the future, we intend to expand to regional level and to National level. We also intend to grow consistently over the years to digital media, to start a TV channel, events management, and more. We intend to maintain excellence across all our radio Programs and consistently develop new ways to engage our audiences with constant upgrades for all our platforms.


Moshi Fm is a Licensed District Commercial Radio. Like any other commercial radio station Moshi Fm is aiming largely at making profit from its services.


Radio Moshi Fm is a commercial radio aimed at broadcasting news, information, and providing entertainment to audiences through its well structured programs and well organized events.

We promote businesses through programs sponsorships, live transmissions, selling of airtime for special programs, jingles creation, jingle advertisements, mentions, events promotion, organizing events etc.

Since its establishment, Moshi Fm has done business with some big and small firms in Tanzania and they have been satisfied with our services. (Link to see some of our customers)


Our frequency is 90.7 MHz, which covers the whole region of Kilimanjaro and parts of Arusha, Manyara and Tanga regions.


The station uses Kiswahili as a broadcasting language, the national language which is widely spoken to most of the people in the country.


Moshi FM is Broadcasting its programs 24hours/7days and our day start 4.00 am and ends at 4.00 am in the next day.