Moshi FM programs are targeted to a wide range of audiences such as youth, teenagers, adults, professionals and elderly age groups. Our programs include:

NEWS: Local, national and international news, local news and events cover Moshi District and the neighboring districts in Kilimanjaro region as well as other regions in the country. However, International news and events are shared from our partners Radio France Internationale (RFI) to provide our listeners with a full package of news every day.

LOCAL NEWS: Moshi FM Radio is a credible source of news from the Northern Zone and other regions through our reporters scattered in other regions of Tanzania.   

INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Moshi FM Radio partners with Radio France Internationale (RFI) in broadcasting international news every evening

SPORTS: Daily local sports, national, international sports news (football, netball, Basketball, swimming, etc). In reporting of sports events Moshi Fm uses various sources such as its reporters, phone calls, internet etc. Apart from reporting sports news we also do sports analysis through different sports analysts.

WOMEN AND YOUTH: Women and Youth empowerment programs, entrepreneurship skills programs, programs on empowerment against gender based violence.

ENTERTAINMENT: All kinds of musical programs (Jazz, zouk, Rhumba, Bolingo, Bongo flavour, Taarab, Traditional/ local music ets).

CHILDREN PROGRAMS: Educative and entertaining programs for kids from 3 years to 14 years old.

RELIGIOUS PROGRAMS: We cover both Christians and Muslims.