"Giving is not just about making a donation, it's about making a difference."

"Empowering Young Women Through Healthy Education: Tunaanza na Binti Campaign in Action!"

‘’"TCRA empowering industry knowledge: Broadcasting law awareness session on recent amendments."’’

TCRA's capacity building initiative raises awareness on amended broadcasting laws enacted by the parliament in 2022. Stay tuned for future updates on this issue

Pascal 'The PM': A Dynamic Man of Action and Entertainment from Moshi FM Radio"

"Pascal 'The PM': A charismatic and energetic sports entertainer from Moshi FM Radio. When asked about his chances of winning the best radio presenter award on December 29th, Pascal confidently responded with a resounding 'why not?' After the success of the sport page team as champions last year, many of us are eagerly anticipating the results. It's only a matter of time, according to Pascal."

"Empowering Media Skills: BBC Action Media Training Unveils New Perspectives"

"Media Training with BBC Action: Expanding Horizons for Staff, Mr. Jamal Mruma gains new insights into the role of a presenter. With a newfound understanding, he confidently declares that 2023 is his time to shine. Jamal credits Mr. Lewis Ringo for his instrumental role in facilitating this success."

Hits from MC Mchomvu

Wafanya biashara mpo’’? The famous slogan in town as pronounced by Mr. Mchomvu, during the business content creation. Mchomvu is among of the hottest emcee under Moshi FM radio. In this scene the man wishes to congratulate himself! Guess what? 29 of December we shall have the talk. ‘’Bye’’ said the man.

Mwihere pascal call him,’’ The pm’’ etc. Man of action and sport entertainer from Moshi fm radio. We came to ask whether on 29 December of this year, the man is assuring on winning a best position of radio presenter. Since the sport page team became champions last year. Confidently Pascal replied, ‘’why not’’ Majority of us saved the date. Just a matter of time, Pascal concluded.

Thriving Partnership: Sodo Youth Project's Remarkable Impact in 2022, Seeking Sponsorship with Betika for 2023."

In 2022, an enjoyable partnership unfolded as our main sponsor for the Sodo youth project. We collaborated without limits, positively impacting numerous youth in Njoro through sports. Currently, we are actively seeking further sponsorship opportunities under Betika for 2023


Moshi FM met up with Stake holders.

On October 2022, the radio management called for government and private stake holders upon the issue of cooperation.

Spoken on behalf of the radio directors, Mr Lewis Ringo said,” We are looking forward on different reformation of the radio early on 2023’’. On the other side Mr. Makundi thanks and appreciates everyone’s participation. For more information visit our you tube channel.




"Events Videos Captured: Reliving Memorable Moments."

Events videos captured in 2022 (outdated)