''Go safety campaign''

We are looking for donors/sponsors to Facilitate the Proposed Project Titled the Above for 8 months

CHILDREN ROAD SAFETY PROJECT, Our goal is to expand this project to cover a larger number of schools and communities in Kilimanjaro region. The project will target children between the ages of 7 - 15, standard 2-6, as this is a critical age group that can benefit greatly from road safety awareness. We aim to provide road safety education through interactive Radio awareness, school workshops, educational materials, and practical demonstrations

Permit for project is ready.

Organization implementers GS Community & Moshi fm Radio

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Moshi FM's projects team Headed by George Mayalla local hero aims to bring together individuals, and corporate from all levels of society to work towards creating positive change for children, youth, and women in vulnerable situations. The team is composed of local heroes including radio presenters, psychologists, and other experts who work together to investigate and bring out hidden facts related to these issues. They address these problems by raising awareness through radio programs, legal frameworks, empowerment, and workshops. Our team strongly believes that by working together, we can promote changes that build a strong community. Our projects fall under the categories of awareness, advocacy, and empowerment, and we are committed to fighting for the rights of children, youth, and women to ensure that positive differences are made.

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"Protecting Children, Empowering Communities: A Project That Made a Difference"

The proposed project aims to protect children's legal rights, including inheritance and fighting against issues such as child abuse. In different parts of Kilimanjaro, children face challenges due to poverty, domestic conflicts, and ignorance of children's laws, leading to violation of their rights. The project aims to empower children's rights and combat these issues to create a safer environment for Kilimanjaro's children.

"From Ignorance to Action: How Community Education Saved Children from Abuse"

a project aimed at educating children and adults on child rights impacted over 12,601 children in different places. The project had three aspects, including school workshops, radio programs, and offering quick solutions to problems related to child rights. The school workshops were conducted in primary schools, and knowledge was imparted to students and society members. The radio program enabled children and adults to ask questions related to child rights. The project received positive feedback from parents, teachers, and students, and created a way forward for protecting child rights. .


Contact Person

George Mayalla

Projects Coordinator

Moshi Fm Radio


Children quotes

“ I thank all those who managed to make the child program to be live., we as children now walk upfront knowing our rights because of GO Campaign” NEEMA

Now I’m capable for defending my rights and reporting by confidence any violation resulted to my fellow children. STEWART EPHRAHIM.

Quotes from Community members

-Actual the community in general was given the knowledge on how to report the child crimes including that of torture at home or elsewhere in their surroundings; the knowledge that most did not have before. This has helped to track such incidents and has reduced the rate of such cases. INSPECTOR PRISCA POLICE GENDER DESC

-More children have been empowered and delighted to the new realities, having insights to their rights and freedom to express anything beyond the line of rights. DANIEL (PARENT)

    -The project created awareness that wasn’t noticed earlier before the campaign. It opened doors and gave a sense of clarity to parents and all the individuals with concern on child rights. JANE (HEAD TEACHER)

Tunaanza na Binti

Tunaanza na Binti, is a campaign targeted to girls on improvement of Menstrual healthy, hygiene and self-determination. The campaign aimed on raising awareness upon girl’s matters and Establish a sustainable menstrual pad distribution by Strengthened partnerships with other stockholders include Uchumi Commercial Bank to support ongoing access to pads.

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Impact from the projects beneficiaries

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