Succesful story of benson;

Benson, aged 38 is a meat seller and a business man in one of the markets. He is also a good listener of Jukwaa La Sheria Radio program/Ijue sheria We get to know him through the conflict in one of the local places near the slaughtering house were the issue arose between Muslims & Christians The fighting came up is who is required to slaughter an animal for meat according to the law. This conflict created disunity around the area and as the result, Jukwaa La Sheria received the updates on what was really taking place. Through Jukwaa La Sheria a created law platform in relation to such conflicts was formed invite in few participants amongst the fighters too. Via discussion made they all concluded that, both are allowed to perform the act but other laws must be observed including that of no animal is allowed to slaughter in front of other animal Aquote from benson, through jukwaa la sheria we know the law .

Succesful story of the man;

A man with for kids got an illegal redundancy in his office since 2015 and he was staying at home, without been paid and didn’t know where to start as a procedure. We came to know him through his texts sent by him to our studio mobile number during the live program. At that time the presenter was explaining a legal story of someone who won the case out of unfair termination in his employment, He called the studio phone twice before texting to studio mobile as he requested the presenter to repeat as he did not understand the procedure. The boy stated his problem as it resembled as the same stated story by the presenter. However the presenter explained again the procedure to follow through the whole procedures This benefited David amongst many who called saying thank you after they practiced and succeed. A quote from david, Moshi fm is everything. .

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