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Our radio programs

Our radio programs are composed of the different commercial programs, entertainments and sports, as well as community programs, accompanied by social projects which have got impact and successful ending. These projects fall in the level of awareness, workshops and empowerments. Among our other partners include NGO’s, Government agencies, individual and private companies.

We put our client’s interest above all, by infusing our work with high professionalism, creativity, and utmost accuracy. We strive to insure that our clients are well attended at get their services timely. We are proud of different certificate awards by partners who works with us to promote changes to their business and community in general.

Our Radio Staff / presenters & Associate in 2022/2023
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Frequent asked Qn’s

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Our Mission provide listeners with intellectually-driven programs within a context that allows an outlet for the healthy exchange of opinions, as well as the committed cultivation of listeners’ tastes.

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