Welcome To MOSHI FM RADIO 90.7

''We Bring what you deserve. '

Welcome To MOSHI FM RADIO 90.7

'' A news may be good or bad but we shall tell you the truth''

Welcome To MOSHI FM RADIO 90.7

‘’driven programs within a context that allows an outlet for the healthy exchange of opinions ’’

Welcome To MOSHI FM RADIO 90.7

‘’The kings of pure entartainment industry in the nothern zone''

Welcome To MOSHI FM RADIO 90.7

‘’For the cultural protection & strong entartainment’’


We are so good at what we do. We are not small and yet not so big company, but big enough to put every client first. Our people are competent on Media industry, Community projects, and marketing. Our clients benefit from a high level of experts opinion, but at small reasonable rates. We give every client the utmost respect and attention. It doesn’t matter how “big” or “small” we value your time, please welcome and join with us today

                Certificate /Diploma & Degree

        Interniship space for Journalism student is available

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Our Rate card 2022-2023

Our impact from the decade

We started in a single room of trust and conquered client's and customers demand. we have shaped majority of peoples ideas, and inlarge small business through our adverts. for today We have improved and grown as a company which recomended by every one in the community, by this content we remembering where we came from. Please work with us for unforgatable memory.


Our Vission: Is to become one of the leading broadcasting companies in Northern zone regions.

‘’We bring what you deserve.