Tamu ya leo

Stay Connected and Informed with "Tamu ya Leo" Radio Show

"Tamu ya Leo" is a radio program that airs on Moshi FM 90.7 in Tanzania every day from 10:00-13:00 PM. The show is hosted by a team of presenters who engage with their audience through various segments that cater to different interests. One of the segments on the show is called "Zilizosambaa Mtandaoni," which translates to "highlights of top stories that have appeared in public." During this segment, the presenters discuss and analyze the most talked-about news stories from the day, keeping their listeners informed and up to date.

Another segment of the show is "Maskani ya Leo," which means "today's agenda." During this segment, the presenters discuss different topics that are of interest to their listeners, covering everything from social issues. The show also includes a segment called "Hisia za DJ," where a DJ mixes music and engages with the audience through music This segment provides listeners with an opportunity to connect with the presenters and share their musical tastes. Listeners can also share their grievances and complaints during the "Inahuu" segment, where the presenters address issues raised by people on the street. The show also includes a segment called "Dressing Table," where the presenters provide advice on beauty and fashion, encouraging audience participation. Finally, the show ends with the "Mahanjumati" segment, where the audience is advised to prepare a balanced diet before lunchtime through slow music. This segment encourages healthy eating habits among the listeners.

Testimony Story: "I always listen to 'Tamu ya Leo' on my way to work, and it keeps me informed about what's happening in Tanzania. The presenters are engaging, and I enjoy the different segments, especially 'Maskani ya Leo.' I recommend it to everyone!" - Aloyce, a loyal listener

A Quote: "With 'Tamu ya Leo,' you're not just a listener, you're a participant." - The "Tamu ya Leo" presenters