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''The Base''Is the number one champion radio show, based on pure entertainment of bongo flevas and western music begins at 7:00pm -4:00pm. We interactive with the youth aged 15-45 through music and infotainment stories. The show titled in Swahili as ‘’Msingi wa Burudani’’ which means all music foundation is begins from here. Under this show the main content includes DJ MIXING, INTERVIEW, SPORTS & MOVIE HIGHLITS. Join with us from Monday to Friday. .

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Unyama unyama is coming sooon visit early in 2023

Our Impact in 2022

We have been working with different corporate as our main sponsors, include Uchumi Bank to reach our listeners emotion demand. Thankfully The corporate provided support on raising youth music talents in 2022.

''OLga Machupa smile before the commence of the university tour

at Mwenge University ground.

The base heroes team reply audiences comments

The show conducted at Tumaini masoka moshi campus.

more info@ at moshi fm you tube channel.

The issue is wether the base show impacted girls or boys in this tour

upon the reply Ian Kimaro and Olga machupa stated that,

uchumi Bank enabled the show succes for 100%. '' We visited more than 6000 youth'' no more like uchumi Bank. Olga close the chapter.