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" The Base" is a top-rated radio show that focuses on pure entertainment through Bongo Flava and Western music. The show runs from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm and targets the youth aged 15-45 with interactive music and infotainment stories. The show is titled "Msingi wa Burudani" in Swahili, which translates to "The Foundation of Entertainment." The program features DJ mixing, interviews, sports, and movie highlights. Tune in from Monday to Friday to join in on the fun! .

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"Join us on The Base, where the beat never stops and the fun never ends!"

Listeners can expect to hear a diverse selection of music, including popular Bongo Flava and Western hits, as well as up-and-coming artists. The show also features interviews with celebrities and public figures, providing listeners with insights into their lives and experiences. Sports and movie highlights provide a well-rounded entertainment experience. Don't miss out on "The Base" for your daily dose of entertainment!

Our Impact

The radio show has been working with various corporate sponsors, including Uchumi Comercial Bank, to meet the emotional demands of its listeners. In 2022, the bank provided support to the show.

Olga Machupa smiling before starting the university tour at Mwenge University ground.

"The Base Heroes Team replies to audience comments during their show at Tumaini Masoka Moshi Campus. For more information, check out Moshi FM's YouTube channel."

Did The Base Show Impact Girls or Boys in the Tour? Ian Kimaro and Olga Machupa Credit Uchumi Bank for 100% Success. 'We Visited More Than 6000 Youth' - Olga."