Darasa mseto

Biography of the show

A daily news and current affairs show that airs from 7:00-10:00am. The show covers a variety of topics including politics, health, business, and sports highlights. It features round table interviews with experts who share their opinions and insights on these topics under the supervision of a panel of experts managed by Rodrick Makundi. The show provides a platform for listeners to stay informed about current events within and beyond the country. .

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The show aims to present a balanced and unbiased view of the news, and encourages listener participation through call-ins and SMS messages. The panel of experts, managed by Rodrick Makundi, ensures that the discussions are informative, engaging, and respectful, providing a safe space for different perspectives to be shared. The show's focus on current affairs and the inclusion of experts from different fields makes it an important source of information for people from all walks of life who are interested in staying informed about the latest developments in the country and beyond.