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Legal radio show Hosted by Exipirienced Journalists Jamal Mruma, and George Mayalla (Lawyer) at Moshi FM radio. The program is broadcasted every Saturday at 2:00 aiming on providing legal education, and solutions on various legal matters, fighting for children rights, include legal rights, policies and traditional practices which is harmful and raising awareness upon human rights. we believe that all humans are equal under the Law and with the absence of Law, Peace and Justice no one will/would be safe. We are committed to our community on providing legal education through the radio as we spread this knowledge to the majority. We believe that changes are for everyone and this is through providing the Legal aid and accurate solutions on various Legal issues

  • OUR MISSION; Promote Community awareness advocacy and empowerment regarding to human rights.


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    We know that there are many reasons why you might need to know various legal issues and we recognize that relevant expertise is only one factor in that choice. The Legal radio program that you choose should be able to reflect your life, and set good agenda, and legal awareness to protect your rights and maintain your best interests. So, why should you choose Ijue Sheria?

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